Learn By Doing

The exercises shown in this section are generally a “do” activity.

Work as best as you can on each task and don’t be afraid of trying something new! There are no mistakes – only skills being developed.


Beyond the Books

 If at all possible we will not refer to books and ideally we will have all the content and resources you need right here on this website.

Of course some tasks may require research – this will require using an internet search engine.


Exercise 1

Simple Lines

Exercise 2

One Point Perspective

Exercise 3

Two-point Perspective

Exercise 4

Tonal Drawing Still Life

Exercise 5

Drawing Hands

Exercise 6

Drawing a Male Face

Exercise 7


Drawing a Self Portrait

Exercise 8

Cultural Approaches

Celtic Art

Exercise 9

Cultural Approaches


Exercise 10

Cultural Approaches


Exercise 11

Cultural Approaches


Exercise 12

Cultural Approaches


Exercise 13

One Point


Exercise 14

Two Point


Exercise 15

Simple Lines

Strawberry plant

Exercise 16

Health and