24 Hours a Day 
Hazelden Publishing

A Caring Community 
John   H Curtiss

A Gentle Path through the Twelve Principles Living the Values Behind the Steps 
Patrick Carnes

A New Day, A New Life A Guided Journal 
William Cope Moyers

A New Way Of Creating Solid Self Esteem 
John Bradshaw

A prescription For Happiness 
Dr Mark Rowe

A Woman’s way through the 12 steps 
Hazelden Publishing

A Womans Way Through The Twelve Steps 
Stephanie S.Covington

AA Big Book 
AA Worldservice

Addiction and Change 
Carlo C. Diclemente

Addiction and Spirituality A Multidisciplinary Approach 
Edited by Oliver J. Morgan and Merle Jordan 

Alcohol Lied to Me (The Intelligent Escape from Alcohol Addiction 
Craig Beck 

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book 
AA Services

Anthony De Mello

Behavioural Addictions 
Kenneth Paul Rosenberg 

Being Sobere and becoming Happy: The Best Ideas from the Director of Spiritual Guidence at Hazelden 
Dr. John A MacDougal

Beyond Addiction 
Jeffrey Foote

Beyond Co Dependency 
Melanie Beattie

Breaking Addiction 
Lance M Dodes

Co Dependant No More 
Melanie Beattie 

Codependent No More 
Melody Beattie

Courage to Change 
Al Anon Family Groups

Courage to Change 
Sylvie Nickels

Do’s and Don’t’s for Family Members 
Terence Williams

Drug Addiction and Families 
Fergal Keane

Each Day A New Beginning, Daily meditations for women 
Karen Casey

Family Secrets 
John Bradshaw

Feel the Fear and do it Anyway 
Susan Jeffers

GA Sharing Recovery Through GA 
Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous Book 
GA Services

Gambling Addiction 
Jake Ploeth

Healing the Shame that Binds Us 
John Bradshaw

Healing Wounds of Sexual Addiction 
Mark Laaser

Home Coming 
John Bradshaw

Hope and Recovery 
Hazelden Publishing

I Want To Change My Life: How to Overcome Anxiety, Drepression & Addiction 
Steven M. Melemis

Just For Today 
NA Services

Keep It Simple 
Hazelden Publishing

Keep It Simple 

King Baby 
Tom Cunningham

Language of Letting Go 
Melanie Beattie

Letting Go of Shame Understanding How Shame Affects Your Life 
Ronald Potter-Eeron & Patrica Potter-Eefron 


Living with a Problem Drinker 
Roland Anderson 

Living with Loss , one day at a time 
Rachel Blythe Kodanaz 

Mens Health Book 
Dr Mark Rowe

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps 
Therese Jacobs

Mindfulness and the 12 Steps: Living Recovery in the present moment 
Thérèse Jacobs-Stewert

NA Big Book 

Narcotics Anonymous Book 
NA Services

Not Quite Healed 
Cecil Murphey & Gary Roe

Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction 
Patrick J. Carnes

Overcoming Addictions 
Deepak Chopra M.D. 

Recalim Your Family From Addiction 
Craig Nakkan 

Rich Bitch 
Nicole Lapin

Sacred Space Embrassing the spiritual in Person-centred therapy 
Kaitlyn E. Steele 

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous 
Augustine Fellowship

Shame Faced 
Stephanie E.

Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life 
Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn & Matthew Linn

Spiritual Recovery A Twelve Step Guide 
Grant R. Schnarr

Spirituality in Counselling and Psychotherapy 
Dennis Lines 

Spirituallity of   Imperfection 
Ernest Kurtz and Katherin Ketcham 

Stinking Thinking 
Gayle Rosellini 

The Child Cried Alone 
Read G Harris 


The Courage To Heal 
Ellen Bass 

The Craving Brain 
Ronald A. Ruden 

The Family 
John Bradshaw 

The Gifts of Imperfection Let Go of Who You think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are 
Brené Brown 

The Heart of Addiction 
Lance Dodes 

The Language of Letting Go 
Melody Beatty 

The Mindful Path to Addiction Recovery 
Lawrance S. Peltz 

The Promise Of A New Day, Daily Meditations 
Karen Casey & Martha Vanceburg

The Road less Travelled 
M Scott Peck

Touchstones, Daily meditations for men 


Trauma and Addiction 
Tian Dayton

Tuesdays with Morrie 
Mitch Albain

Twenty Four Hours a Day 

Victims No longer 
Cecil Murphey & Gary Roe

Waiting: A Nonbelievr’s Higher Power 
Marya Hornbacher 

Who Moved My Cheese 
Spencer Johnson

Women & Problem Gambling 
Liz Karter

Worthy of Love 
Karen Casey