At the centre of the MOT programme is the learner.

The men who take part in our programme very often have lost respect in themselves and feel they don’t deserve the respect of their families, their community and of society in general.

This course was designed not only to give its participants a new skill base but also for many it is the first time that they will have an opportunity to bring structure to their lives.  This is a chance for them to reflect on their past, share experiences with others in similar situations and take responsibility for their actions.  While on the course the men follow a structure and are encouraged to actively participant in all aspects of the programme, thus developing respect for themselves and others.

Without this structure it would not be possible for the men to progress into further educational programmes / employment.

The men on the programme come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  The training provided is not aimed at any one profession or skill set.  Each participant works with the Co-ordinator on a personal progression plan. All areas of the labour market are looked at depending on the skill base of the individual.  The co-ordinator has built links, where necessary, with ETB’s, Third Level Colleges and Training Programmes across the country and links each participant in with what is relevant to them.

Many of our participants will have little or no knowledge of the NFQ and on entry to the programme don’t see its relevance. However, as they progress through the programme and their self-confidence builds they begin to see that they can become a student and be a contributing member of society.  One of our main aims on this programme is the re-engagement of this extremely dis-engaged group into education and training with a long term goal of sustainable employment.  Familiarising them the NFQ and helping them find its relevance in their lives it a major part of this aim.

On completion of the programme the men will have a clear career or further education plan in place.